MacQuillans at Ballylough

The MacQuillans built at Dunluce, later rebuilt by the MacDonnells, when they took over.  A Stewart of Bute came over to act as MacDonnells land agent.  When the Armada went down they held the wrecking rights along the coast, and in 1588 when the Girona broke up, two of the treasure chests made their way back to Ballylough for safe keeping of the Land agent, Stewart. The Stewarts later fell out with the MacDonnells, and in bitter disputes the McNaghtens became the land agents, building Dundarave, and securing a large portion of land.  The Stewart family sold their Ballintoy and Ballylough Estates to Anthony Traill, who came over in 1789, married the daughter of the Irish House of Lords clerk, Agnes Watts-Gayer.  Anthony and his brother restored and rebuilt much of both estates, including both of the historical parish churches Through the early 1800s.  Both worth a visit.