The Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones stories, written by George R R Martin, have had many of their sceens filmed here in Northern Ireland.
We are close to the following Game of Throne locations: access varies
Dark Hedges (9 miles, 15 minutes) Road from King’s Landing,
Ballintoy Harbour (10 miles, 20 minutes) Lordsport,
Larrybane (11 miles, 25 minutes) The Stormlands,
Murlough Bay (19 miles, 35 minutes) The Iron Islands,
Mussenden Temple & Dowhill Beach (20 miles, 40 minutes) Dragonstone,
Cushendun Caves (25 miles, 45 minutes) The Stormlands,
Magheramorne Quarry (50 miles, 1.2 hrs) Castleblack & Hard Home
Tollymore Forest (95 miles, 3 hrs) Forests in the North
Castle Ward (90 miles, 2.25 hrs) Winterfell,
Corbet (80 miles, 2 hrs) Riverrun

Games of Thrones – the Door trail